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Dec 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
play on monday night. >>> oakland in new york to face the jets. raiders are no fan of east coast games. losing 15 straight east of the mississippi with today's setback. dozens of raider fans will show up no matter what. first quarter, 25 yards here to jeremy curley. jets go up, 10-0. third quarter down 17. mcmcgloin a touchdown pass of his own. 48 yards to rod streater. raiders down ten. they couldn't get any closer. fourth quarter, chris ivory. breaks about five tackles. that's a sign that maybe the raiders have given up. jets win it, 37-27. raiders fall to 4-9. head coach john fox back on the sideline for denver after having heart surgery on november 4th. he witnessed history as kicker matt prater set an nfl record for the longest field goal. 64 yards. peyton manning also threw four touchdowns. denver wins, 51-28. >>> patriots. julian edelman with a middle left. now a five-point game. after recovering the on side kick brady find danny amendola. brady 418 yards. two tds. one point lead. billy cundiff needed this 50 yarder to give the browns the lead. at the line. comes up short. what
Dec 4, 2013 9:00pm PST
. >> that's all you get. thank you. >> the raiders head cross country to take on the jets homecoming of sorts for quarterback matt who knee up two hours from metlife stadium. despite the back to back losses, he's more the face of the offense than prior was injured. who knows if he comes back and when. unlike capper nick, he is much more accepting of the off field responsibilities, at least as it pertains to media. >> it is what it is. it's part of your job. it's part of playing the quarterback position. understand it comes with the territory and some guys enjoy it. some don't. like i said, you know, you accept it. you know, it's part of your life now, part of your day and you move on. keep going. >> mike eastside line two step will cost him $100,000. he was on the field during a kick off return and impeded jacoby jones. he said he was looking up at the play on the jumbo tron and didn't know where he was. they are considering docking the draft pick on top of a monetary fine. that seems hash but want to put an end to that. >>> winston will find out tomorrow whether he'll face rape char
Dec 2, 2013 9:00pm PST
the first quarter not done. still in the first. hawks had 7 more. wilson. former raider miller seahawks up 27-7 at the half. going writ they go right. off the hands of davis into the arms of coleman. seahawks clutch play off spot are you kidding me already. 34-7 the final improving to 11 and 1. >> you never hear the guys we won't get in the may offs. that's not the goal we set. we want to win the division it gives us a chance to play at home. that's what we are afte after. then talk about what comes next. so that's why this is such a huge week coming up. we go after with everything we have. it's another championship match up and give it everything. and see if we can get it done. >> all right. forty-niner tight end davis making news today. not for hurdling over defender for a touch down but for what we are calling the tackle. ram mcdonald drag davis down in third quarter. he's pulling vernon down in the crotch area. not intentional. he stayed on the ground after wards to make sure he was coon of all there but returned to action now this gives new meaning to the world pulled
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3